Monday, November 17, 2008

I ran my first half marathon yesterday. Wow what an experince. all the people just running how funny, for fun.. I started with the 2:00 pace person at the start of the race he just got away, but I wanted to pace myself did not know really how to go faster but by mile 4 I had him and passed him. But mile 5 he passed me and he was off I just kept thinnking to myself you will finish and this is your race. I can tell you once I passed the pacer I felt the energy of the run speed up there was a difference between being infront of the 2:00 hr pacer and being behind him. I am happy I finished in 2:03:05 my next half marathon will be in Las Vagas and I do plan on being under 2:00hrs. NOW I know what I have gotten myself into.

Tuesday, October 7, 2008

Mission Bay Tri-

This one was a good one, I really enjoyed my self and felt strong. since this was my second triathalon ever I did really well 15th place and took 9 seconds off from my last Tri at Imperal Beach. So yeah for me! Now I am working towards the Silver Strand Half I want to do well there. Only thing I can say is I had a really fun time!

Tuesday, August 26, 2008

WOW! I had so much fun, my first tri- was a blast. I started out strong and ended strong. I have to say I am holdong a 8th and 9th spot w30-34 so my next tri- I am going to take top three. this means I really have to do some serious training and get my zones down I think that will help.

I know some time during the race I was in Fifth but I new when I saw at least 4 girls pass me in my age group on the run I was com"in in some where in the top ten..... I did I finished 9th place very good for my fisrt triathalon. I really love this sport all the great people and just out right good for the soul...

Friday, August 22, 2008

Well its two days before my first Tri- and I am just thinking about how I am going to do. I am trained up and ready to rock!I am wanting to come in fifth place.... we will see. I just want to put out a good vibe for myself and race well.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Well .... it happend falling off the bike! It was like oh shit ahhh, scrap, burn, ohhh but no blood and I kept riding :) talk about feeling like someone took a baseball bat to my right leg and hip. The one good thing that I was glad for was my team being there to help me up. It was just so sudden and scary that a fall could really knock the wind out of ya, that bad! People say the first thing you think is "is my bike ok"? Well not true .... I was thinking shit is my hand and arm ok, because I have to massage today! But it was a good excuse to have a fun day off ( I called in sick to work hhahahhee) oh and one more thing if you have any ability to predict the future make sure its not falling off your rode bike> my advice is think happy thoughts lol

P.S the first bike fall was just like a tree in the forest blam! this one was more like aahh ground or poll in fornt of me!

Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My First Race!

So this is how it goes... ahh I see, asking everyone where do I go? what is my course? Most everyone just said "follow the person in fornt of you"... ok, oh and where is the bathroom ooohhhh line to long to stand in before race starts (note to self.. go before you get there) had to hold it bad move.. I think it made me go slower? Race starts following the guy in the yellow jersey ah everyone is wearting one duh the guy on the bike, check got it! Now comes my fisrt transition went well even got a compliment.. second taransition dude says "hey don't you want to take off your helmet?" oh yeah of course I do. Well now I see the finish line want to pick up the pace a little so I can beat the girl in the blue shirt next to me oh and the two twins who I saw behind me now they are in front howed that happen? I finished my race with a happy face! 8th place!