Tuesday, July 29, 2008

My First Race!

So this is how it goes... ahh I see, asking everyone where do I go? what is my course? Most everyone just said "follow the person in fornt of you"... ok, oh and where is the bathroom ooohhhh line to long to stand in before race starts (note to self.. go before you get there) had to hold it bad move.. I think it made me go slower? Race starts following the guy in the yellow jersey ah everyone is wearting one duh the guy on the bike, check got it! Now comes my fisrt transition went well even got a compliment.. second taransition dude says "hey don't you want to take off your helmet?" oh yeah of course I do. Well now I see the finish line want to pick up the pace a little so I can beat the girl in the blue shirt next to me oh and the two twins who I saw behind me now they are in front howed that happen? I finished my race with a happy face! 8th place!