Thursday, August 7, 2008

Well .... it happend falling off the bike! It was like oh shit ahhh, scrap, burn, ohhh but no blood and I kept riding :) talk about feeling like someone took a baseball bat to my right leg and hip. The one good thing that I was glad for was my team being there to help me up. It was just so sudden and scary that a fall could really knock the wind out of ya, that bad! People say the first thing you think is "is my bike ok"? Well not true .... I was thinking shit is my hand and arm ok, because I have to massage today! But it was a good excuse to have a fun day off ( I called in sick to work hhahahhee) oh and one more thing if you have any ability to predict the future make sure its not falling off your rode bike> my advice is think happy thoughts lol

P.S the first bike fall was just like a tree in the forest blam! this one was more like aahh ground or poll in fornt of me!

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