Monday, November 17, 2008

I ran my first half marathon yesterday. Wow what an experince. all the people just running how funny, for fun.. I started with the 2:00 pace person at the start of the race he just got away, but I wanted to pace myself did not know really how to go faster but by mile 4 I had him and passed him. But mile 5 he passed me and he was off I just kept thinnking to myself you will finish and this is your race. I can tell you once I passed the pacer I felt the energy of the run speed up there was a difference between being infront of the 2:00 hr pacer and being behind him. I am happy I finished in 2:03:05 my next half marathon will be in Las Vagas and I do plan on being under 2:00hrs. NOW I know what I have gotten myself into.