Monday, June 14, 2010

Bosie Idaho Ironman 70.3

My first 70.3 was amazing! Lots of wonderful support around me people cheering for me on the course and off.

The race started at 2:00pm which was really nice I got to sleep in a bit and get my breakfast at a descent hour. I was smart and got a subway sandwich the day before so I could have it while I was waiting for T1 to open up at Lucky Peak Reservoir. It was a beautiful day for a race, the water was 60 degrees but still really cold because when I finally made it out of the water 45 minutes later my first few steps I could not feel my feet under me as I tried to run into T1. Finally though I made it to my bike with some help from the wetsuit strippers, that was nice!

As I get on "The Machine" I noticed I forgot to load up the Garmin, grrr. so I had to battle that for the first few peddles. OK, now I was ready as I head down for my first 2 mile hill and the wind was in full effect. As I came to a small climb I noticed my abductor muscles where giving me some trouble and it went on for 10 miles or so, until I hit the first aid station I grabbed some water then I got off my bike used the "Porta John" stretched and saddled up again ...this time ready to ride! mmmmm no, the wind was in high gear by this time and the bike was more like grinding due to the winds. The wind was crazy! I can't believe I got done with the bike in 3;23;00 with those winds. It was hard but all the hills I had trained on really prepared me for the heavy ride.

As I came down for my last few minutes on the bike I looked up and there in front of me was the capital building .. what a sight that was to be on a street that had no cars and me all alone gliding to the bike finish. I was so happy to get off the bike and run. All I could think now was take some breaths and run! I got into the run after a bush bathroom break and another stop to get the nettles out of my shoe from going into the bushes. After 3 miles I was feeling good, and I was running! I told myself to keep calm and get this done. I knew I was going to finish and I did. The last 3 miles of the run I had to adjust my strategy for nutrition I did drink some Gatorade, which I never do but it got me to the finish line and I was so overjoyed tears came down my face of joy. The nice volunteer made sure I was OK and down the shoot for my photo finish to see my friends greet me at the end! I was so glad to be done and happy, it was not till the next day I realized this was an amazing thing I had just completed and I can't even begin to tell you but this was on of the best events of my life!

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