Tuesday, January 11, 2011

Massage: The Best Recovery

We must consider has part of our training plan how important recovery is. I have been racing now for 3 years and have seen time and time again if I don't have my regular 2x a month massage I always have something go wrong during race season. No more!! The second I slack off with not getting massages I don't recover as well and seem to have to sit things out a lot longer.

Make sure you talk with your therapist about what it is you are trying to achieve in each session, tell them where it hurts and when it hurts during training. Also make sure the massage therapist you use knows how to work on athletes and when the proper time to massage is during race season. You do not want all of your hard work prior to a race to be wasted because you got a massage to close to your event. 4 days out is best and don't workout the same day you receive a massage, you want to get all the benefits you can from the body work.